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Signature fragrances for companies!

We are updating this site soon with info about custom made fragrances!

 A few examples:

-Eau de Pori (City of Pori)

-L´air D Ainola (Sibelius)

-Fanny (Sinebrychoff Art Museum)

-Eau de Entrepreneur (Finnish entrepreneurs)

-Lidl-Finland (Eau de Grill)

-TBWA Helsinki (Nissan GT-R advertising fragrance)

-Ivana Helsinki Paola Suhonen  

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All Videos

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Welcome to the Max Joacim online store!

Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy is Finland's only developer of fine perfumes  and manufacturing company.

We have plenty in our selection  luxurious, unique and trendy fragrances that have gained great popularity among women and men of all ages.

We also create unique signature fragrances for companies.

Max Perttula, Finland's only perfumer, is responsible for the company's product development. He has  has over 20 years of experience creating fragrances. 

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