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Privacy and Registry Statement



Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy, Viikinkaari 6, Cultivator 1, 00790 Helsinki.

Business ID: 2497898-6

Tel: 0468868196 e-mail: info (at)



Max Perttula, e-mail: info (at)



-Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy User Register (email lists)

-Max Joacim Ecommerce / Email Customer Subscriber Register ( and info (at)



Our user register consists of name, address and telephone number information obtained in connection with the purchase of products on the e-commerce site, and persons who have given their consent in writing and otherwise agreed to the mailing list by e-mail or letter.



The name and address information of the registered persons is used only by our company, for communication with the persons on the e-mail list, and for the management and maintenance of the customer relationship between the company and the user. The person on the mailing list will be informed about the company's news and current events in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The person agrees that we may email you marketing material.


Contents of the user register:

The following information is collected in the Max Joacim user register (mailing list):

-First name

-Last name

-Email address



The information in the subscriber register of the Max Joacim online store is used only by our company. It consists of the information provided by the customer in connection with the e-commerce order, which is necessary for the success of the order; name, address and telephone number. The telephone number is necessary so that the post office can notify the customer of the arrival of the package by text message. An email address is required to send an order confirmation / invoice to the customer. The postal address is necessary to deliver the order to the asker.

The customer can delete his data from the Subscriber / Customer Register at any time by notifying our company if he or she does not have a transaction with the company.


Contents of the Subscriber / Customer Register: The register consists of the following information provided by an e-commerce or e-mail customer when ordering a product:

-First name

-Last name

-Email address

-Telephone number

-Delivery address = Postal address

The products ordered by the customer and the chosen method of payment, as well as any e-mail correspondence related to the order in question, will be retained for the time required by tax and accounting laws, after which they will be destroyed in a reliable manner.


A subscriber to the USER REGISTER can delete his or her information from the register at any time via the link provided in each newsletter. The link is in English (unsubscribe). Also in our other written ways, the information may be removed from the register.



Personal information is obtained when a person consents to the sending of a newsletter in writing, subscribes to the product via the company's website, e-mail, or letter, while giving their consent, or updates their own information.


The information collected in the register will never be disclosed outside Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy for marketing, sales, opinion or market research purposes. They are also not disclosed to company personnel who are not involved in marketing, sales or product deliveries. However, personal data may only be disclosed to Finnish authorities in accordance with Finnish law if so requested.



The register is stored in a password-protected information system. It is protected and located so that unauthorized persons do not have access to the register data. The register material in paper form has been stored in locked rooms so that outsiders do not have access to the register information.



Pursuant to section 26 of the Personal Data Act, a person has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the personal register. The inspection request must be sent in writing and signed to: Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy, Max Perttula / Viikinkaari 6, Cultivator1, 00790 Helsinki.

The inspection request must state that the request concerns the register information in Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy's customer register.

If there are errors in the information, the user can submit an error correction request to the registry contact. A request for rectification must be made in writing. The request shall justify and specify what information is required to be corrected, which user information is correct and how the correction is requested. The company does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by the user



The user may change, supplement, limit and delete his data by notifying the registrar.

The user can delete their data from the mailing list via the link at the end of the newsletter.

The link is in English (unsubscribe), as well as by notifying our company in writing.

The user has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer if the user is dissatisfied with the processing of the information sent to the company concerning him or her or his or her official representation.


Please note that the user / e-commerce subscriber only has the “right to be forgotten” if we do not have a legal obligation to continue to retain personal information (for example, due to accounting and tax legislation).



A small file that is stored on your device when you visit our website.

Like other commercial sites, the Company collects information from users who visit The information will be used to develop the service, improve the functionality of the website, develop the business and improve targeted online marketing.

The user can accept the use of cookies in their own browser in order to continue using the website smoothly.

Otherwise, you may have problems using the site and should stop.

If the user wishes to delete or prevent the use of cookies in the browser, the user has the full right to do so. You can find this option by browsing your browser settings. Disabling or deleting cookies may impair the functionality of the site in question.



For more information:

For questions related to the register, please contact us by e-mail: info (at)

Helsinki 23.05.2018

Max Perttula

Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy

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