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Parfums Max Joacim Finland is a Finnish perfume brand founded in 2005. Its creator is Max Perttula, the only perfumer in Finland.

Max created his first commercial fragrances in Central Finland in his hometown Viitasaari.

In 2011 he moved to Helsinki. At the time, he was working as a perfumer for another company.

In 2012, the Max Joacim brand got a fresh start as a limited company.

Today, Max Joacim fragrances are manufactured at the Viikki Science Center in Helsinki.

The Max Joacim range has a growing number of unique and trendy fragrances that meet international criteria for everyone. Fragrance groups can be divided into landscape fragrances, fantasy fragrances and luxury fragrances. Many scents have their very own stamp and story. It often stems from Scandinavian pure beautiful nature, history, different cultures and folk tales.  Fashion, erotica, music and interesting personalities are also inspiring new fascinating scents.

When creating landscape scents, Max takes into account the North's preference for translucent clean nuances. He also designs strong perfumes with a soft and gentle base scent without loosing the longevity.

User-friendliness is emphasized in Max's creative work. Therefore, his many scents have aroused outright astonishment among different user groups.

These include +358, Destination Nice Nice, Finlandeol, Koitere, Suopursu, Aqua 358 Thunderball and Helsinki Spirit men's fragrances.  

Signature fragrances for companies

Max has created numerous title fragrances for the fashion, cosmetics, advertising, museum and music industries.

IVANA- Helsinki, 

Sinebrychoff Art Museum Helsinki (Fanny Scent),

Reaktor Innovations Helsinki (Stuert fragrance), 

TL-Group Oy (Aurora luxury fragrance for laundry vinegar, etc.)

Time of Music festival (Eau de Atonal fragrance),

Lidl- Finland Ky (Limited edition / Eau de  Grill scent), 

Finnish entrepreneurs (Eau de entrepreneur),

Jussi Makkonen Oy (Aino Sibelius / Ainola fragrance),

Sofia Kazakov /  Medical Clinic Estetik  (Sofia Kazakov Edp, Rose Dór de Bastet EdP)

Helsinki City Museum (Smell of Helsinki perfume experience). 

Science Center Pilke / Metsähallitus

Namina Oy Helsinki (allergen-free fragrances for spa products),

City of Pori Eau de Pori,

TBWA/HELSINKI Ad Agency ( Nissan GT-R promotion scent for a car magazine campaign in Sweden. Max created the scent of the car and its wheels)

The uncompromising requirement for product development and production is top-quality products made from the best and safest raw materials, in accordance with strict quality standards, meeting the requirements of the authorities and users.

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