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Luxurious and clean scent!
This fragrance was created for the medical clinic Estetic lead figure Sofia Kazakov. She is an internationally acclaimed aesthetic beauty professional.
The scent opens with light fresh citrus, neroli and freesia nuances, fading into the warmth of a violet and jasmine flower notes. The scent of flower petal wax combined with authentic orris concrete provide longevity and a naturalness to the scent. Galbanum oil brings soft greenery to the top scent.
The finest amber compounds and a velvety soft musk creates a seductive velvetly background to the scent, harmonizing perfectly with white wood notes .
The specialty of the fragrance is that the invisible "fragrant veil" surrounds the wearer.
This "veil" is velvety soft and mimics the scent of clean skin. The phenomenon produces a pheromone effect.
The fragrance is suitable for those women who want an attractive, strong and a feminine fragrance without any sweetness. The tone of the scent is bluer today than in the pictures, referring to the flower of iris.


SKU: 0004
VAT Included
  • Top notes: citrus fruits, freesia, galbanum oil

    Middle notes: violet, hedione, flower petal wax.

    Base notes: White precious Ambra, white wood, velvety musk, patshouli, genuine iris (Orris concrete / Orris butter).

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