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The most wanted Finnish scent has been born! It is the scent of luxury in a smoke sauna!

The scent opens with a hint of natural nuances. A powerful scent of smoke soon emerges, combined with the nuances of warm wood. The scent develops into a luxuriously soft smoky on the skin, where you can also feel the wonderful breath of the sauna hallway.

This luxury fragrance is built from valuable raw materials that are e.g. poplar and white agar tree.

Naturally, the scent is suitable for everyone who loves Finnish sauna nostalgia. It is a fragrance that is also perfect for events to arouse well-deserved interest.

Bottle matte black and cap oak wood. In the box there is an insert where the bottle rests and a magnetic mechanism with which the box stays closed.

If you can’t get to the traditional sauna, spraying this will almost get you there. Even if you get to the traditional sauna, you can prolong the wonderful atmosphere with this scent.

SMOKE SAUNA Eau de Toilette.

SKU: 0030
€149.00 Regular Price
€69.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • 45.00 ml  1.52 fl oz  Natural spray.

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