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As if you were walking in a morning dewy garden where the enchanting pure scent of the queen of the garden, the peony, surrounds you! Max describes the creation of the fragrance like this: I wanted to create a peony scent that was very authentic and clean. A fragrance that exudes a summer atmosphere without any heaviness. When creating the fragrance, I created in my mind the illusion of peonies in the palm of your hand, where you can also smell the soft, delicate waxiness of flower petals, which combines with the green notes of the flower. Pivoine Finlandaise is now a perfect peony fragrance with all the delicate notes of the flower itself. In September 2022, I updated the scent to an even finer and gentler version. I had just received peony fragrance compounds in my fragrance selection, of which a few important ones were exhausted from my fragrance palette. The scent of flower petals was the key. Pivoine Finlandaise now exudes Finnish summer, nostalgy and beautiful purity. I also wanted the scent to be very long-lasting, creating such a harmonious base note that the peonies also smell on the skin after showering! This is rare for a delicate, light and calm fragrance. This scent is as gentle as a summer breeze and I warmly recommend it to e.g. people who are hypersensitive to scents or as a workplace scent. If you like peonies, you will definitely like this scent!


SKU: 0048
VAT Included
  • 30ml 1.0 fl oz Natural Spray.  Beautiful polished crystal glass bottle.

  • Top note: Morning dewy nature, peonies, translucent green nuances of fresh cut flowers.

    Middle notes: genuine Bulgarian rose absolute*, raspberries**, peonies.

    Base notes: Bright patchouli, sophisticated serene clear musk (Edenolide), berry notes, peonies.

    **Raspberry note is created from scent compounds isolated from real raspberries! * A new type of rarer Bulgarian rose absolute that is produced not only from rose flowers, but also from the green plant parts of the rose bush.

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