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Satin soft, deliciously fruity, seductive, sensual! These words can be used to describe this scent. This is a scent that seduces with its sophistication. The fragrance opens with a very authentic apricot note associated with peachy softness. As the top scent shifts slightly into the background over time, the enchanting scent of freesia and genuine Osmanthus flowers begins to fade in. The fruitiness of the scent is maintained through the life cycle of the scent on the skin and it is very radiant, but at the same time it remains gentle and natural. Osmanthus Seductive has been created with special attention to fragrance sensitivity. Allergens minimized! Osmanthus Seductive Edt is a fragrance for a woman who loves luxurious but natural scents without powderyness or soapyness. This fragrance is a perfect choice for celebration evenings when the user wants to take into account fragrance sensitive people, but does not want to compromise on the strength and beauty of the fragrance. Although the scent is eau de toilette, it lasts up to 8-9 hours on the skin! The fragrance is produced in limited quantities due to its valuable composition.

OSMANTHUS SEDUCTIVE Eau de Toilette / New!

SKU: 0049
€68.00 Regular Price
€38.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Top notes: Apricot, fruity notes

    Middle notes: freesia, fruity nuances, Osmanthus absolute

    Base notes: Fruity white musk, osmanthus, apricot, peach, creamy notes.

  • Eau de Toilette 30 ml 1.0 fl oz Natural spray. 

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