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Muguet de Finlande, which has a genuinely and softly scent of lily of the valley and mockorange notes. A sophisticated and natural summer evening scent.
The scent of Muguet de Finlande contains translucent, rain-fresh notes and the charm of summer gardens.
The depth of the scent is brought to a slight hint by the scent of the mockorange.
Muguet de Finlande is a great choice for e.g. wedding scent.
The source of inspiration for this scent has been the morning walks in the summer forest, when the scent of lily of the valley blossoms takes over the nature after the rain.

Lovely, light, green and summery scent, for both day and evening use!

MUGUET DE FINLANDE Eau de Parfum for women

SKU: 0003
VAT Included
  • Top notes: green leaves, bergamot, aquatic notes.

    Middle notes: jasmine, linden blossoms

    Base notes: lily of the valley, mockorange, sampaquita, dossinia orchid, white clean musk.

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