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Kuopio's embrace - a fragrance that has gained great popularity.

The fragrance is built around the misty morning breeze of Kallavesi, with a hint of gentle distant pine forest and beach vegetation.

Max explains the creation of the scent like this:

In 2022, we were at the Kuopio market for a sales event. At the end of the day, we went to the terrace of a restaurant on the shore of Lake Kallavesi. While looking at the lake, I smelled the gentle summer breeze from the lake and began to separate in my mind the scent compounds contained in the breeze and the relationship between them. The fragrance notes were very delicate and in small concentrations, so I knew that the possible creation of the scent into a perfume would be a challenging task. However, the image was strong, and when it was combined with the great collective spirit of the city of Kuopio, the whole of the perfume began to take shape. The creation of my own fragrance was brought about by a survey done through Facebook, where the people of Kuopio could hope for nuances characteristic of Kuopio. I was able to include many of these in this wonderful fragrance. The name of the fragrance was born quickly, inspired by Kuopio's hospitality and warm spirit. The Kuopio Embrace fragrance is very special in that it really smells like the lake landscape and is very gentle. In the summer of 2023, many fragrance sensitives also found the scent their own right away. There has been a lot of praise, especially for its gentleness, because it fits perfectly with the Finnish personality and scent preferences. 

KUOPIO EMBRACE Eau de Toilette / Kuopio's embrace

SKU: 0057
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VAT Included
  • 50ml Eau de Toilette Unisex Natural spray

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