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KOITERE Eau de Toilette

Have you ever wanted a scent where the scent of Finnish evergreen forests, moss, blueberry / lingonberry and lake breeze would meet? Here it is! The inspiration for this almost magical scent came from the beauty of Lake Koitere and the forests around it. The scent opens up gently with the nuances of the moist forest, which mixes the nuances of damp moss and chanterelles. Moving toward to the middle notes the fragrance reveals a complex blend of blueberry and lingonberry bush notes and the nuances of the lake water also introducing itself, creating a fantastic illusion of a forest landscape near the lake. The fragrance of Koitere is a unique “illusion” - a scent that is sure to attract attention when used. The scent is completely clean, morning dewy and very mossy. The scent is very trendy and suitable for a person who wants elegance in smell, but at the same time genuine closeness to nature. The fragrance is also a so-called “better choice” because it is almost free of allergens. It contains no powdery or heavy nuances at all.

KOITERE Eau de Toilette

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  • Top notes: green damp notes of nature.

    Middle notes: Delicate berry nuances and notes of blueberry and lingonberry twigs.

    Base notes: Wood, moss, lake water nuance, berries, chanterelles,crystal clear musk.

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