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A fragrance novelty that captivates the senses!

K-18 Musc is created for those who love vanilla, soft white musk scents. The new version has been created as a sister scent to Possessed perfume. K-18 Musc differs from Possessed in that it has no spicy or white chocolate nuances.

The luxurious K-18 musc, scented with white musk, patchouli and creamy nuances, is a bold and modern long-lasting scent. It has been created with Nordic preferences in mind. No powderyness, no soapyness.

It is built on the body of sophisticated musky shades that create a seductive and warm scent on the skin. The scent is very erotic and captivates the senses with its delicious gourmand nuances.

If you like warm, balsamic - soft, vanilla - creamy "gourmand" scents, this is a more than perfect choice. If you like Possessed perfume you will definitely love this fragrance.

The recommendation for day use is one spray and 2-3 sprays for evening use. Although the scent is Eau de Toilette, its longevity on the skin is up to 6-7 hours.

Because the scent has an evaporation curve close to the so-called linear odor, you can use it as well on dark clothes if you don’t want to apply it to the skin.


K-18 MUSC Eau de Toilette / New 2022!

SKU: 0019
VAT Included
  • Close to a linear scent. The main scent is built on the body of genuine vanilla, white musk, white patchouli and creamy-themed scents.

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