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June 24: th Parfum
A youthful and flowery perfume where two different cultures meet; Finnish and French.
June 24: th is a summer fragrance, which contains, among other floral notes, authentic Bulgarian rose oil and neroli flower nuances. They are combined with the heart scent of violet, freesia and jasmine flower. The "sunny" soul of the fragrance is achieved with notes of rain-fresh bird cherry flowers in symbiosis with soft mimosa flower notes. Ylang-Ylang, labdanum- absolute and bright patshouli guarantee the longevity and brings balsamic softness to the fragrance.
The fragrance was created during Max's inspiration trip to Paris in 2014.

The fragrance is perfect for all kinds of situations.

JUNE 24: TH Parfum

SKU: 0007
VAT Included
  • Top notes: Bergamot, citrus nuances, fresh cut flowers.

    Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, Pansy, Ylang-ylang.

    Base notes: bird cherry flowers & Mimosa notes, jasmine, neroli flower notes, white soft musk, Labdanum absolute, Patsuli, Tonka bean.

  • Contents: 8.0 ml. Parfum Natural spray.  By rotating the body of the bottle, a spray section rises from the top. Convenient when traveling.  Strength: Perfume for women

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