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Honeysuckle- "Romantic"- the scent is the result of almost six years of product development! Max tells about the creation of the fragrance:

The idea for the scent came from a mental image where a summer garden is filled with the enchanting scent of honeysuckle, on a serene and warm summer evening. I myself have experienced this scent often in my childhood, and it remained in my mind as an eternal scent memory. I wanted to evoke this memory and create a scent in which every nuance of the flower comes out with a very delicate and genuine feeling. After years and many experiments , I realized that the whole you also have to conjure up the honeyedness of the flower's honey and the most delicate, green translucent nuances of the flower's petal itself. This is how I was able to create an authentic experience. I crowned the whole with a summery warm atmosphere, where many other flowers and plants smell as if "faded" in the background of the scent. The end result is celebratory and embodies sophisticated femininity and youthfulness. This fragrance is a great choice for women who want a wonderful radiance, long-lasting and genuine summer garden enchantment.

HONEYSUCKLE "ROMANTIC" EdT / Luxury fragrance

SKU: 0055
€78.00 Regular Price
€53.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Top notes: honeysuckle, flower petals, cut flowers

    Body fragrance: honeysuckle, violet, 

    Base notes: honeysuckle, wild jasmine, orange flower, genio flower, floral nectar, vanilla from vanilla orchid, heliotrope, carnation flower

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