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A new seductive and youthful fragrance, both for everyday life and parties!

Max tells about the creation of the fragrance: Did you know that there are many kinds of patchouli notes? The leaves of the patchouli plant produce an essential oil that has been used for thousands of years, especially in aphrodisiac (seductive) scents. However, this natural patchouli has a very heavy scent and is best suited to oriental luxury perfumes to bring depth and softness to them. Through molecular distillation, the essential oil becomes lighter and brighter in tone, which makes it also suitable for modern, lighter fragrances. Over the years, many patchouli-scented pearls have appeared in the scent palettes of perfumers, one of which stands out above the rest. This bright and clean patchouli fragrance compound is water-clear in tone. It has a very clean patchouli scent without the heaviness that is characteristic of nature's essential oil. In the Helsinki Spirit Woman- Intensified beauty fragrance, I combined this bright patchouli and Gallic rose, which together create a perfect harmony. I also conjured berries in the scent, e.g. with a hint of blackberry, which I then crowned with a hint of the scent of sugar crystals, as it were. I created the final touch with crystal clear pure musk, heliotrope and violet facet, which bring warmth, seduction and longevity to the scent. The scent is very long-lasting. One spray smells on the skin for a day even after taking a shower. It is therefore particularly suitable as a party scent, when you want to ensure a long-lasting scent around you, without being too strong.  

HELSINKI SPIRIT WOMAN Intensified beauty EdP

SKU: 0056
€59.00 Regular Price
€36.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • 30 ml 1.0 FL OZ Natural Spray. Strength: Eau de Parfum. Delivered in a beautiful white box with black edges.

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