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Translucent, summery and clean!

Helsinki Spirit Woman fragrance opens with a hint of sophisticated midsummer rose and freesia flowers, forming a lovely symbiosis with tropical fruits and ozone notes. The base notes opens softly with white amber, metallic shaded musk, clear patchouli, green tea and softened by white sandalwood notes progressing to the transparent heart notes of jasmine flowers and freshly washed linen at the shore. The scent is modern and trendy and it reflects the spirit of the sea breezes of the coast of Helsinki. The fragrance is suitable for women of all ages for both everyday and festive use.


SKU: 0022
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€36.00Sale Price
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  • Top notes: midsummer rose, freesia, tropical fruit, ozonic sea breeze.

    Middle notes: Moldovan rose, sea breeze, green lily of the valley, raspberries.

    Base notes: White Amber and metallic musk, white sandalwood, green tea, jasmine flower Heart Scent.

  • 30ml 1.0 Fl oz. Natural spray

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