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This is a youthful, dynamic and energizing scent that is suitable for both men and women!

The fragrance is a so-called fougere fragrance, a green and aromatic fragrance dominated by ferns and lindenflowers, which combines woody, new moon hay and summer nuances into a fine "landscape fragrance".

In the top notes of the scent you can sense, e.g. green galbanum, pharaone, grapefruit and a translucent hints of lake water. The body of the fragrance is built around a sophisticated linden blossom note, combined with the soft scent of plum. Tonka bean brings a soft balsamic touch of new moon hay to the base note in symbiosis with Angelika musk and bright white amber. These creates a perfect marriage combined with neroli and summer nuances.

The scent is crowned with a youthful and trendy scent of ozone and water, which gives the scent its exceptionally pure freshness. The scent has no heaviness or powderiness, but exudes purity. This is a fragrance for an energetic, youthful and athletic person who wants longevity and fresh cleanliness.

Although the source of inspiration has been the beautiful municipality of Heinävesi and the purity of its nature with its lake scenery.

HAYWATER SPIRIT 79700 EdT- unisex

SKU: 0024
VAT Included
  • Top notes: Lake water notes, pharaone, grapefruit, bergamot

    Middle notes: linden blossom, soft nuance of coniferous forest, ferns, plum.

    Base notes: Angelika musk, neroli, vetiver, tonka bean,hay, amber crystals

  • 30ml 1.0 fl oz.   Natural spray.

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