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HEDONIOL CHOCO Edp is a novelty for all those who love the aromas of vanilla-chocolate, toffee and chocolate cookies. This fragrance was created at the request of customers and combines the characteristics of a fine modern perfume with attractive notes of chocolate and cocoa. The scent can be described as stimulating to the senses. It has a strong appeal to those who like soft and delicious notes. HEDONIOL CHOCO smells delicious on the skin throughout its duration of action. Luxury, softness and radiance have been created in the base note with the precious Javanol sandalwood compound, labdanum and superambergris, which also strengthen the fragrance's seductive scent aura. When we talk about seductive scents, Finns' preferences very often fall into this category of gourmand scents. Here, the bottle size is a well-thought-out thing, because many people want the scent to be convenient for traveling, it has been the wish of many. This 10 ml travel spray bottle can easily be carried in, for example, your pocket. The sales package contains 2 x 10ml bottles, which are enough to keep you happy for a long time. You get about 90-100 sprays from one bottle. Due to the structure of the fragrance, the fragrance is very long-lasting and one spray is perfectly sufficient for everyday use. For parties, the recommendation is 2 sprays. The fragrance is suitable for common use by everyone, both for everyday life and for evening outings.

HEDONIOL CHOCO Edp Unisex 2 x 10ml

SKU: 0059
VAT Included
  • Top notes: chocolate, cocoa

    Middle notes: creamy notes, vanilla, chocolate

    Base notes: creamy vanilla chocolate, toffee, chocolate chip cookies, amber, velvety musk, vanillin and vanilla, Javanol, super amber, Labdanum absolute.

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