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The new sophisticated Dingir fragrance has been created for a man who wants sophisticated, masculine longevity and genuine closeness to nature. The scent is built around precious essential oils, dark floral Absolutes and resinoids. The scent opens with Italian bergamot and lemon oil, creating a fine symbiosis with Middle Eastern galbanum oil. In the top note you can smell leather and tar nuances that stays on the skin for a really long time. As the lively top scent dissipates towards the body scent, the spicy nuances appears. They create a masculine harmony with spruce, pine, and Finnish juniper berry oil, as well as the juniper berry Absolute from Grasse. The luxury of the middle note is achieved by Italian neroli oil and nardus oil from nepal. As the base scent develops, the soft nuances of vanilla, cedarwood and labdanum emerge, creating a very masculine combination with leathery and birch tar nuances. The luxury of the base scent is guaranteed by the high content of genuine iris root wax, which creates a long-lasting and softness to the scent. Iris root wax is used only in the finest perfumes in the world and is also known as Orris butter. One spray on the skin lasts at its best even a day without losing its character.

I was inspired to create this scent as I studied the ancient religions where the gods were appeased with incense and fragrances. Dingir, who was the supreme god of the Sumerian gods and its sign, was also the star of the celestial god. The Dingir fragrance contains many raw materials, which are known e.g. From the Bible and the ancient culture of Egypt.

DINGIR Eau de Parfum for men / New! Now at an introductory price!

SKU: 0050
VAT Included
  • Consists of 35 natural raw materials! Essential oils are furocoumarin free. Birch tar is perfume quality and refined (Rectified).

    Top notes: Italian bergamot and lemon oil, galbanum oil, French rosemary oil, mandarin oil, cananga oil from France, red pepper oil.

    Middle notes: clove oil, Ho wood oil, palm oil, spruce oil, pine oil, Italian neroli oil, juniper oil finland, geranium oil, juniper absolute Grasse, nardus oil Nepal

    Base notes: Genuine vanilla, labdanum absolute, cedarwood satin oil, iris root wax, frankincense oil, Indian jasmine oil, Auriculatum jasmine absolute india, madagascar ylang-ylang oil, polish refined birch tar, cabreuva oil, indonesian patchouli oil, jade oil.

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