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Fresh novelty!

Finally a long-awaited citrus scent that is exceptionally long lasting on the skin! The scent has been created based on the wishes of the customers. Dewy Orange Extrovert is a crackling and youthful fragrance that reflects a cheerful personality. The scent opens with nuances of citrus with a hint of green bitterness and morning dew. As the scent develops on the skin, sophisticated, translucent fruity nuances are accentuated that harmonize with the orange nuances. These fruity nuances act as a binding element for fresh citrus nuances and do not come out too much, leaving the main theme of the scent as authentic as possible. The aroma senses the nuances of orange and kumquat (reminiscent of lime), both in the top, middle and the bottom notes. This scent invigorates both day and night, giving a sparkling scent for several hours. A wonderful summer scent!


SKU: 0051
VAT Included
  • Topnotes: Morning dew, lime, kumquat fruit, green notes, watermelon, oranges. bergamot (bergaptene free).

    Middle notes: tropical fruits, peach and apricot notes, orange fruits.

    Bottom notes: vetiver, plum, fresh citrusfruits, aquatic notes.

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