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DESTINATION NICE NICE Eau de toilette / Now also in a low clear "limited edition" bottle! Select the desired bottle model from the menu.

Destination nice Nice! The lovely spirit of nice which does not leave anyone´s sould cold.

Max Perttula explains the creation process of the fragrance:

This summery, clean and stylish scent was born as I traveled to Nice and I got to know its fascinating sights and nature. I spent a lot of time by the sea, sniffing even the most delicate nuances of the Nice Riviera. I wanted to incorporate the nuances of a gentle sea breeze and beach stones into the scent and subtly combine them with an enchanting summer landscape where neroli bloom. An international landscape fragrance was born. It is perfect for the youthful, stylish, energetic person who loves light, sun, sea and the gentleness of the summer breeze. The scent is long-lasting and creates a delicate, stylish summer aura for the wearer. Destination Nice Nice is also a so-called “better choice” fragrance because it is almost free of allergens. It contains no powdery or heavy nuances at all.

DESTINATION NICE NICE Eau de Toilette unisex

SKU: 0032
VAT Included
  • Top note : Notes of the ocean breeze, light green natural scents, a crisp, fresh touch of Yuzu fruit.

    Middle notes : Soft notes of neroli flower petals, jasmine flowers heart note.

    Base notes: Salty breeze of seawater, vetiver, shore stones mineral notes, asphalt after rain, Neroli oil, crystal clear pure musk, Ambra.

  • 50ml 1.69 fl oz. Natural spray. The scent is a wonderful Nice themed marine packaging.

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