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Belaya Roza (White Rose) Eau de Parfum, Renewed bottle and box!

Perfumer Max Perttula tells about the inspiration of the fragrance: The new enchanting Belaya Roza perfume, which smells of midsummer roses and rosehips, was inspired by the “White Rose” (belye roze) song. This original slavic pop song is close to my heart! Inspired by it, I wanted to create such a wonderful rose scent that it was like stepping into a large flower garden full of midsummer roses and the joy of life! The scent opens beautifully with the pure fresh nuances of white roses and subtly deepens towards the symphony of rosehips and berry notes. Even the most delicate nuances of the petals of the flowers come out wonderfully.

The scent is as pure as the summer breeze and contains no heavy, powdery nuance at all, but is very natural and luxurious in its soul. In the base notes, the rose bursts into full bloom and releases a huge enchanting aura around the wearer. The scent contains rose oil, which I distill itself, which brings a refined soul to the scent.

Yhis fragrance´s durability on the skin is exceptionally long. The soul of the fragrance also contains authentic bugarian white rose essential oil as well as bulgarian rose absolute to modify the Midsummer rose note. Belaya Roza is also a so-called “better choice” because it´s allergen are minimized.

BELAYA ROZA Eau de Parfum (White Rose)

SKU: 0045
VAT Included
  • Top note: Bright top note of Midsummer rose, Bulgarian white rose essential oil (Rosa Alba), greenish notes of rose bush (Rosa damascena), Finnish rose.

    Middle notes: Even the most delicate nuances of rose petals, white freesia.

    Base notes: Midsummer roses, rosehip notes, raspberry, cucumber note.

  • 30 ml Eau de Parfum Natural spray. 

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