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A small practical gift for every fragrance buyer! Choose a gift from the menu !

1 gift / customer when you buy one fragrance .

Note! If you buy 2 fragrances, you can choose two gifts!

Buyers of three or more fragrances can choose 3 gifts.

Note! Pens, Suomi lion coasters sold out for now!

Customer gift for those who order one or more fragrances!

VAT Included
  • The coasters were designed by Max Perttula. Piahajasmike coaster print image: Taisto Jantunen. Size: 8m3cm x 8.3cm. Material: Thick cardboard. Avoid long-term wetting of the cardboard. If the coaster gets wet, e.g. drops of beer/wine, absorb the liquid with a paper or wipe it with a towel, so that the coasters will last a long time.


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