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Have you been looking for a fragrance that would be as gentle as a summer breeze, but at the same time have a modern and luxurious radiance?
Aqua 358 Eau de Parfum might be the answer to your wishes!
This fragrance combines gentleness, femininity and luxury accompanied by a wonderful magnolia flower.
The fragrance has been created taking into account parties where there may be people who are hypersensitive to scents.
In this case, a particular gentleness and translucence is required from the fragrance, which does not disturb other people.
The special feature of the Aqua 358 fragrance is that it is long-lasting and enchanting as it radiates the summer aura of magnolia flower, lake water, fruits and berries around it, but in a particularly gentle way. That's why the fragrance is a perfect choice for e.g. Christmas celebrations.
The fragrance opens with the pure scent notes of the magnolia flower, including the most delicate notes of its petals. As the scent develops, the berry and fruity nuances come to the fore and you can sense notes of blackberry, raspberry and pear. The base notes of the fragrance tie the whole into a bouquet with the symbiosis of the lake breeze, summer rain, cucumber and watermelon notes.
The scent was first introduced at the Viitasaari and Kuopio Christmas markets and it immediately became a customer favorite. Many people who are hypersensitive to scents found it their own and fell in love with the scent.
The basenotes remains translucent clean on the skin throughout

AQUA 358 Eau de Parfum for women / New! Introductory offer!

SKU: 0058
VAT Included
  • 30 ml 1.0 fl oz Natural spray. White box. You can choose either a low or a slightly higher bottle. Both sizes 30ml.

  • Top notes: Magnolia, aquatic notes, petals

    Middle notes: Bearberry, raspberry, pear, other berry notes

    Base note: Watermelon, cucumber, notes of summer rain, heart note of jasmine flower.

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