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  when doing  fill in  your contact information  carefully.
  you want  door  type of service  on the order confirmation page.

-If you choose a matching package for the door, the delivery time will be agreed with the recipient.
-For other door-to-door packages, the sender does not contact you, but brings the package directly to the recipient.
-If the recipient is not present, the package will go to the post office and be picked up.
If the customer does not pick up the package from the post office, it will be destroyed because we will not return the products that cause us an additional charge. In this case, we also cannot refund the price of the product, or send a new product. It is therefore important to follow the instructions of the postal service exactly!

  IMPORT  PACKAGES,  Recipient  pay  when ordering.

In the Recipient's Door in the Morning service, the package will be delivered to the recipient by 9 a.m.! Price to the recipient € 17.80.
-If the recipient is not reached, the package will be delivered to the recipient within the same working day.
-If the package cannot be delivered, it will be taken to the post office for collection. The service is available in major cities and towns. The distributor therefore does not agree on a delivery time.

In the recipient's door during the day service, the package is delivered to the recipient as a rule by 4 p.m. Price to the recipient € 16.80
If the recipient is not reached, the package will be delivered to the post office for collection.
  Distributor  No  therefore  fit  delivery time.

At the recipient's door-to-door service
  the distributor agrees the delivery time with the recipient. Price to the recipient € 18.80.
The door-to-door packages service is available in the largest cities and towns around 9-21, elsewhere as a rule from 9 am to 4 pm. Please find out the situation in your locality:

Note! The recipient of the package takes care of being present when the package arrives. If the package is returned to us for any reason, we unfortunately cannot replace it except if the customer pays the costs.

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