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Announcement of Lidl Suomi Ky & Max Perttula Eau de Grill fragrances


Theone "Aurora" - laundry vinegar.

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Sofia Kazakov fragrance launch event 2015  . The launch was shown in Liv 's Finnish Perfect Russian Women reality series. Available at




Bottled and packaged, commercial:
We custom develop and manufacture fine perfumes.
Stand out from the crowd with a personal unique design fragrance. Create a positive image of your business or brand.

Commercial product for companies: Start-up / product development fee for companies 3000 € + VAT24%. (norm. 4000 € + VAT)  

Separate fee: Security assessment € 700 + VAT 24%. The evaluation is carried out by a specialized external company. scent offer

The final price depends on the type of fragrance, bottle and bottle size, box selection and packaging materials.

We also offer perfume packaging and labels for demanding tastes. If desired, the customer can redeem the fragrance manufacturing instructions and copyrights at an affordable price.


Our specialty is perfume oils processed into technochemical products. We develop fragrance oil according to the customer's wishes. The customer uses it as they wish in their final product. The most common of these are liquid soaps, shampoos, lotions, care creams, laundry detergents, laundry rinse aids and steam fragrances.

Project pricing:
Two ways:

1 *. After product development, the customer buys fragrance oil as needed.

2. ** After product development, the customer buys the manufacturing instructions with all rights and receives 1000 ml of the finished product.

1. * The price of the project consists of product development work and the resulting fragrance oil. The price of essential oil is affected by its quantity and the raw materials used for it.
-Cheaper option
-The customer pays for the product development work and the desired amount of fragrance oil.
-The customer can order more fragrance oil from its developer Max Joacim Cosmetics Oy, but not from other manufacturers.

2. ** The price of the project consists of the product development work and the result of the manufacturing instructions, as well as a sample of the fragrance oil resulting from the product development, 100 ml.
-The customer redeems the manufacturing instructions with full rights at an agreed price.
-In this case, the customer is free to manufacture or manufacture the fragrance oil in question according to the instructions of his partners. He can also resell the manufacturing instructions.

Note! If the customer needs an SDS (safety data sheet), it must be charged separately after the start of the project. Price: 400 eur + VAT 24%. The SDS is prepared by an external company that specializes in it.

For private individuals, bottled and packaged

We are the only company in Finland to create signature fragrances for private customers, such as birthday and wedding parties, as well as gifts. In this case, the name of the wedding couple or birthday hero can be engraved on the bottle.

Have you dreamed of your own, unique perfume? Let your imagination fly, come up with ideas and hope, and share your ideas with our perfumer! He will be happy to help and make your dreams come true! The end result is a wonderful creation, a completely unique product like no other in the world!

Non-commercial , private scent from 2500 € / project. Including fragrance consultation, product development, 10 15-50ml bottles of fragrance (depending on the strength of the fragrance) and fragrance packages with your own image, for example.

The customer retains the exclusive right to the fragrance for three years. If the customer later orders more fragrance, the exclusivity will continue for another three years.

We do not use ready-made fragrance blends, but one fragrance can contain twenty to several dozen different fragrance compounds.

Max has created numerous title fragrances for the fashion, cosmetics, advertising, museum and music industries. These include e.g.

City of Pori (Eau de Pori)  

Lidl- Suomi Ky  (Eau de Grill scent)

Jussi Makkonen Oy  (Aino Sibelius / Ainola fragrance),  

Sofia Kazakov fragrance ( Medical Clinic Estetik )  

Helsinki City Museum  (Smell-Helsinki fragrance experience)

Finnish Entrepreneurs Association (Eau de Entrepreneur)  

IvanaHelsinki Paola Suhonen

Sinebrychoff Art Museum  (Fanny Fragrance)  

Reactor Innovations  (Stuert fragrance)

Time of Music festival  (Eau de Atonal fragrance)



Contact us and request a quote, call 046 8868196 or

info (at)


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