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The exquisite, unique luxury fragrance created by the long experience of perfumer Max Perttula.

A praise to the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, for the worship of pleasure, well-being and beauty. The enchanting fantasy rose scent for the superior woman with a cat like soul. Contains essential oils and absolutes of the most precious roses. They create a lovely, long-lasting enchantment on the skin together with genuine Egyptian jasmine oil.

As the top scent opens, Georgian rose oil appears, combined with a modern gold-metal facet note. Within hours, new rose shades, varieties, rises highlighted beautifully in layers. The exceptional enchantment of the base scent comes from authentic floral absolutes, indian sandalwood oil, musk, vanilla, amber and tonka bean. The fragrance also includes a secret ingredient that brings an almost magical, feminine dimension to the scent.

This scent is the result of Max Perttula´s and the top beauty professional Sofia Kazakov´s cooperation. She is the muse and face for this lovely scent Rose dór de Bastet.

ROSE D ´OR DE BASTET By Sofia Kazakov

SKU: 0052
€240.00 Regular Price
€79.00Sale Price
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  • !Top note: Georgian rose, translucent metal facet, neroli, bergamot, red pepper, lily of the valley.

    Middle notes: white flower petals, freesia, turkish rose, apricot, authentic peach, orange blossom, jasmine, fresh cut rose, translucent shades of magnolia blossom.

    Base notes: Indian sandalwood Mysore, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine absolute, genuine vanilla, tonkabean, musk, ylang-ylang, amber, labdanum absolute, clear patchouli. The base scent is crowned with a secret ingredient that enhances feminine enchantment!

  • Eau de Parfum 30ml 1.0 fl oz  Natural spray. The bottle rests in its satin padded box. Magnetic closure in the box. 

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