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New summer 2023! Mansikkaharju- Summer is a summery and clean fragrance that originated from the summer scenery of the holiday resort Mansikkaharju located in Leppävirta. Max remembers the smell be born: "When I visited the resort of Mansikkaharju several times, I always admired the fine scents of the place. While enjoying breakfast on warm summer mornings, the landscape was filled with scents that were a sophisticated combination of horsetail plants, field thistle and the scent of meadowsweet flowers. These were combined with a gentle lake breeze with a little green of aquatic vegetation. I suggested that after experiencing the title fragrance for Mansikkaharju, and that's how it came to be over time." Strawberry Harju - Summer fragrance exudes gentleness and closeness to nature. It has also been created with those hypersensitive to scents in mind. Meadowsweet comes out refined soft and its most "aromatic" nuances have been left out. The gentle note of lake water is present in the fragrance from top to bottom. We wanted the scent to be unisex, so that it would suit everyone who loves the beautiful scents of Finnish nature. The fragrance is sold at Lomakeskus Mansikkaharju in Leppävirta and is also available in our online store. The perfect scent for summer days.

Strawberry ridge Summer Eau de Toilette / New summer 2023!

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  • Top notes: Meadowsweet, water grass, horsetail plants and other green nuances of nature. Birch and birch bark essential oil

    Body notes: Meadowsweet, the scent of green nature, field thistles

    Base note: Meadowsweet, summer flowers, a hint of lake breeze (water), aquatic vegetation

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